This Story is About the Shoe

I entered OSU in September of 1940 in the College of Education. After having played in high school, including the district, state and national music contests (both solo and in a brass sextet) I decided to tryout for the OSU band.

At tryout time I as so nervous I could hardly play the musical scale. I did not make the OSU band, but did make the ROTC band. My big thrill that year came at the Home Coming game when the ROTC band got to march with the OSU band at half time.

The following year, 1941, I did make the OSU band. The biggest thrill that year came when the band made the ramp entrance with all those thousands of people looking down. I felt that they were all looking at me. Iím sure some were.

During 1942 (or maybe it was 1941) at the Indiana game at Bloomington, during the half-time show I lost my right shoe in the muddy turf. The strap of my right spat broke and off came my shoe. I did not dare stop, so I just kept on marching in my cold wet sock. After getting back to the stands a band member from Indiana brought me back my shoe.

I returned to OSU after WWII to finish my senior year. While walking across campus I met Dr. Manley Whitcomb the band director. We exchanged greetings, and then he told me to report for band practice.

That year, 1946, I was elected as treasurer of the Music Fraternity Kappa Kappa Psi. It was an honor to have been selected from a group of 120 men. There were no women in the band at that time. I am now a life member of the Alumni Band, but unable to march or play my alto horn.

My years in the band are among my most cherished memories.
Told by Jack H. Newhouse, Xenia, Ohio