Frequently Asked Questions

Is this project associated with The Ohio State University?

This project is an independent effort, but the book project is a COLLEGIATE LICENSED PRODUCT and is officially licensed by The Ohio State University Office of Trademarks and Licensing. It will be reviewed and endorsed by the University as the Official Stories of the Shoe.
        This project is the only stadium book officially licensed by the University and a portion of our proceeds by license is going to the University Scholarship Fund! (We are already paying them advances on this.) You may encounter other professional writers out there seeking similar material. In the cases we have seen they are not licensed and no proceeds go to the University. We are not professionals, just little guys who are alumni and happen to be able to write a little and love the stadium. As such we conceived this project as a way to honor its history, and spent much time and our own money getting the OSU license to do this. Support the little guys, support OSU scholarships. Share your story with us!

How do I submit a story?

Send your story to the authors or call and ask to be interviewed. Stories can be sent handwritten or typed, by regular mail, or electronically via email to Since not everyone has electronic capability we will take good stories in any format... handwritten, typed, or even a recording. The authors are also willing to do telephone or in person interviews of people. Just contact us.

How do I write or tell my story?

Write (or tell) your story as if you were writing someone a letter or pretend you are telling it to a group of friends. Write it in first person such as “My grandpa took me to the 1936 Michigan game.....” or I was student...”. See the Sample Stories for examples of how to tell your story. Put the reader in your shoes.

I have a story but I am not a good writer?

Fine, then we will interview you by phone and transcribe your story from tape to paper for you. Contact us with the gist of your story, and how to reach you. We will call you and do the rest.
       Most people are better storytellers than they give themselves credit for. We are looking for your story as you remember it, not one from a professional novelist. The most effective stories will be in your own words. Don’t worry about your writing skills, we will help you. It is our job as authors to help edit and polish your story for you. We can help edit your story for grammar, spelling, etc, and make subtle suggestions that will make your story more readable and then send it back for your okay We will not change the meaning or context of your story nor change anything substantive without your concurrence.

What should stories look like?

Stories can be a couple of paragraphs up to 3-4 pages for special situations. We anticipate most of the stories will be in the range of 1-2 pages, some less, some few more. Take what ever space you need to tell the whole story, we can always condense it.

What kind of stories are you looking for?

The book will be the lives and times of Ohio Stadium as told through stories of people that lived them. It will contain human-interest stories and will include a mix of funny, sentimental, historical, unique, uplifting, heartbreaking or just plain interesting stories about times and history of Ohio Stadium. We are looking for stories reflective of your experience, whether a fan, student, usher, player, parent, band member, as opposed to a “they won 21-7 story”. Our goal is to capture the essence of all that goes on and has gone on in the Shoe.
       We are especially looking for “milestone” stories that tell of turning points or major events in Stadium history. These could include such things as being the first female to live in the stadium dorm, the first black marching band member, the first person to “Dot the Eye”, etc.
        See the category list for suggested topics but don’t limit yourself to these. We are especially looking for stories from the early years of the stadium, stories about Jesse Owens, stories about black athletes breaking the color barrier, stories of living in the stadium dorm, or romance stories such as getting engaged or married in the Huntington Club. We want stories from the supporting cast of ushers, service workers, cheerleaders, etc. And we will include a special chapter on “Fans in the Purple Arm Bands” about the loyal fans that sit in the handicapped walk way constructed during renovation of the stadium. Also, don’t forget graduation day!

What kind of stories don’t you want?

Alcohol stories. Don’t bother sending us any getting drunk stories. We won’t use them.

Does it have to be in the stadium?

We are often asked if a story has to take place in the Stadium. The answer is just needs to relate in some way to one of the books topics, each of which have been selected as a topic because of their connection to the Stadium

What will happen to the stories?

The best of the stories will be published in our book to be titled Stories of the Shoe. At the conclusion of the project, any unused and unpublished stories will be donated to the University Archives. Since this project is licensed by The Ohio State University, the University will have editorial control over the final printed product.

Who will choose the stories?

The authors will have final say and will choose the stories with input from our circle of fans, advisors and professionals. We will do our best to use as many stories as possible, but can’t promise to have room for everything. Our goal will be stories which make the book interesting, entertaining, readable, well balanced and historically important.

Will you pay for stories?

No. We want stories that come from the heart and think it will be an honor to have your story read by Buckeye fans everywhere and your name preserved as a part of Buckeye history. We will print the name of the submitter under each story unless asked to withhold it.

I don’t have a story but know someone who does?

Great! Send them project information, the website link or the authors email address, and they can contact us for more information. Or you can send or email us (the authors) their name, contact information, and potential story type, and we will follow up with them.

Will I have to sign a release?

If we choose to publish your story we will ask you to sign a very simple release verifying its authenticity and permitting us to publish it. This is for our protection and to weed out the jokesters.

What is the time frame for this project?

This project has been underway for a little more than a year. We will be soliciting stories through the late winter and early spring of 2008. Our revised goal is to publish the book in late fall of 2008. There is still some room, but time is getting shorter. If you have been procrastinating, now is the time to get your story to us.

Who are the authors?

The authors are a father-son team who are both alumni of The Ohio State University and avid OSU Football Fans. Steve Davis is a 1973 graduate. He is professionally employed as a scientist and conservationist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Curt Davis graduated in 2006 and is a professional graphic designer with Eyethink. Steve is the author, and Curt is assisting in authorship, editing, graphics and the website. (This website is Curt’s creation.) Curt was also on the team that did the graphics for the recent Woody Hayes Center renovation. Curt had lead responsibility within his firm for the panel on Woody and his life.

I have other questions, how can I get more info?

Contact the author at:
       Steve Davis
       504 N. High Street
       Pandora, Ohio 45877
       419-384-3363 (h)
       419-233-2941 (c)