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1. Stories might be a paragraph or a page or more…use whatever space needed to tell the story. Stories should be first person, authentic, and accurate accounts of an OSU experience. They may be typed, handwritten or verbally recorded. Write (tell) the story as if you were telling it to someone.

2. Tell about any interesting topic associated with Ohio Stadium or OSU football… student years, family experiences, big games, Michigan games, participating as a band member, a player or watching as a parent. Stories are not limited to football and can and should include other events such as graduation, state track meets or living in the stadium dorm.

3. If writing is a hardship, the authors are willing to do telephone or in person interviews for unique, rare and historically important experiences. Please contact the authors.

4. Stories of the very early years of Ohio Stadium, Jesse Owens, the 1940’s, the stadium dorm, or black athletes breaking the color barrier will have special historical value.