About The Project

Do you have a priceless or funny memory regarding the lives and times of Ohio Stadium? Do you remember your first game, going with dad, taking your daughter, graduation day? Did you live in the stadium dorm, usher, march in the band, or see Jesse Owens run? Were you at the snow bowl? Do you have a funny Woody story? Are you the oldest active OSU fan? Did you fall in love in the stadium? Do you own a Stadium Brick?

Stories of the Shoe Generations Remember Ohio Stadium is an individual undertaking by an OSU father and son to collect, preserve, and tell unique and precious memories of the life and times of Ohio Stadium and its fans. The authors, both OSU Alumni, are looking for stories about your Ohio Stadium experience, be they funny, heartwarming, sad, informative or just plain entertaining.

You can help tell the oral history of the grand old lady by sharing your experience for the Stories of the Shoe. We will publish the best of these in our Stories of the Shoe book.

There may be others out there attempting to do this type of work, but we are the only ones Licensed By the University, and the only ones whos project will contribute proceeds to the University Scholarship Fund. We are not national writers, but ordinary Joes and loyal alumni who have undertaken this to honor our memories of times in the stadium. Support the little guys!

Check the Updates page frequently for periodic updates on the progress on this project, current events and reports and requests from the author. Visit the Ideas page for more story suggestions. Visit the FAQ page for more information about the project in general.

There's Still Time!

We are often asked is it too late to send a story? The answer is no! The author and designer will be working thru winter and spring of 2008 and to edit and compile the book. Response has been great, but there is still ample room for more stories. We will have time at any point in this process to add good stories, so keep them coming. We have a lot of writing and editing to do. Right now our goal is still to have the book ready to release in fall of 2008.

New Categories Added!

As this project evolves, I am constantly tweaking the table of contents and chapter organization. Here are some additional story lines that can land you in the book.

New Orleans Obviously, the 2007 season and going to New Orleans has added another chapter to the saga of the stadium. Tell us you memories of this season or your visit to the championship game in New Orleans.

Tickets I have received some fascinating ticket stories and have almost enough to add another chapter. Did you score a big game ticket; do you have a special collection? Tell me your ticket story.

Bricks - Have you bought a stadium brick? Does it honor someone, and accomplishment, your time at Ohio State? I know there are more good brick stories out there, share them with us to fill this chapter.

"Shoe" Heard Round the World Just because you cannot be there in body, does not mean you are not there in spirit. Folks from around the world are sharing their fascinating rituals of what they do on game days to bring the spirit of the stadium to the place they are. Tell me what you do when you cant be at the "Shoe."

One-liners I am looking for short one-liners and quotes to include in panels and quotes throughout the book. Finish one of these sentences and email to me...if used it will be credited to you and your name will be in the book:
Ohio Stadium is...
Ohio Stadium to me means...
My favorite thing about Ohio Stadium is...
My favorite memory of Ohio Stadium is...

Its not in the stadium!

We are often asked if a story has to take place in the Stadium. The answer is NO....it just needs to relate in some way to one of the books topics, each of which have been selected as a topic because of their connection to the Stadium.

I am not a writer!

Fine, then we will interview you by phone and transcribe your story from tape to paper for you. Contact us with the gist of your story, and how to reach you. We will do the rest.

Do not be scared by the quality of the sample stories. Your story is just as good. Not all of the stories look like that when they come in. Give us the basic story in your own words, everyday grammar, or even in just notes. Its our job as the authors to edit your material and your memories and smooth them into stories that read well and that you and we will be proud to have as a part of the book.

Contact Us!

For more info, contact Steve by phone at 419-384-3363 or email him at sdavis@q1.net